What Does a Chesterfield Sofa Say About You?

Choosing a sofa is a big decision, with many factors to consider. Colour, style, size, position and comfort are all hugely important when choosing what you will be sitting on for the foreseeable future. 

At Oswald & Pablo, we’ve sat on our fair share of sofas, and we like to think we know our stuff when it comes to formulating the perfect combination of features. 

For us, there is no beating a Chesterfield sofa. A truly timeless silhouette that can be adorned with equally classic materials or a more contemporary choice. They fit beautifully into any interior style and instantly elevate your space. 

The Worthing Patchwork Chesterfield Sofa at Oswald & Pablo

Why are Chesterfield sofas so popular?

The Chesterfield style has endured through centuries of interior trends thanks to its timeless design. Chesterfield sofas easily fit into any interior style and bring a classy look to their surroundings. They survive redecorations and house moves, looking incredible no matter what decor style they sit within. 

How long do Chesterfield sofas last?

Chesterfield sofas are sturdy by nature, thanks to their wooden frames. The sofas produced by us at Oswald & Pablo are built with longevity in mind. All of our Chesterfield sofas are hand-crafted in our Manchester workshop. We use top-quality materials that are locally sourced where possible and construct every inch ourselves, from the wooden frame to the last metal stud. 

We are confident in the quality of our sofas, which is why we offer a 10-year frame and a 3-year manufacturing guarantee. We build our sofas to last house moves, redecorations and daily wear and tear. 

Are Chesterfield sofas old-fashioned?

Chesterfield sofas have a timeless aesthetic that can effortlessly blend into modern and contemporary interiors. 

The Chesterfield-style chair originated in the mid-1700s when the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Philip Stanhope, commissioned a piece of furniture for his guests. 

The thinking behind the design was to keep guests warm. At the time, poor insulation meant that cold weather was particularly harsh, so people tended to gather at the fireplace. The high back of the initial Chesterfield wingback was intended to stop drafts from reaching the upper body and preserve the heat of whoever was sat in the chair. 

The Audley Chesterfield Wingback Chair at Oswald & Pablo

Since its initial invention, the Chesterfield style has evolved in comfort and style. Horsehair stuffing and ornate fabric upholstery appeared in the 18th century, and today, the Chesterfields you see at Oswald & Pablo are the epitome of the style. 

What style does a Chesterfield sofa go with?

The great thing about a Chesterfield sofa is that it can sit amongst any decor style. From vintage to contemporary, minimal to eclectic. The selection of Chesterfields at Oswald & Pablo comes in a beautiful range of colours that can stand out amongst your current decor or effortlessly blend in. 

You can also choose from luxurious fabrics, including sumptuous velvet, rich leather, wool and mixed fabric styles. Make your choice based on your current interior or on what best fits your lifestyle. 

So, what does a Chesterfield sofa say about you? 

We might be slightly biased, but we think a Chesterfield sofa shows impeccable taste! You enjoy the finer things in life and love to feel pampered. You love having guests over for dinner parties and are known for your exquisite hosting skills. 

The Woodstock Corner Chesterfield Sofa at Oswald & Pablo

Not only do you love socialising, but you value downtime too. Especially downtime in the ultimate comfort of a Chesterfield sofa. Most importantly, you love to curl up with loved ones and spend quality time relaxing, catching up and enjoying each other’s company. 

The Chesterfield style is timeless, comfortable and versatile. Browse the full selection today at Oswald & Pablo. Discover more style inspiration on our blog

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