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Ways to make your sofa last longer

Looking for ways to make your sofa last longer? You’ve come to the right place.  Over the years, we’ve collected a range of tips and tricks to make your sofa last longer and help you get the most out of your favourite furniture piece. Vacuum your sofa First of all, it is important to vacuum your sofa regularly to remove the build-up of dirt and dust. Make sure that you vacuum the hard to reach places, including the cracks and delves of the sofa.  Removing the cushions and vacuuming these... Read More

Pet friendly sofa tips 17/03/2022

The complete pet friendly sofa guide [4 Tips To Live By]

Our furry friends are the perfect companions to snuggle with on the sofa – but how do you find the perfect sofa to match the needs of your pets? At Oswald & Pablo, we are pet orientated. Did you know that our brand name comes from our two dogs, you guessed it – Oswald & Pablo.  Our pet-friendly sofa care guide will advise you on the best fabric choice for pooches, how to get rid of moulting hairs and how to avoid the dreaded muddy paw stains. So dive in,... Read More

Clean a sofa using natural products 11/02/2022

How to clean your sofa naturally

We are more conscious than ever about the chemicals in our homes and the chemical-based cleaning products we use to tackle stains and smells aren’t always the most beneficial for our furniture pieces. Common cleaners often contain hazardous chemicals that are bad for the environment, and if you are conscious about having these substances in your home and around your children or pets – you may want to consider a natural upholstery cleaner. At Oswald & Pablo, we have discovered a range of natural cleaners that you can use to... Read More


How to Get Stains Out of a Sofa

Struggling to scrub your toddler’s felt tip ink stains from your new sofa — or trying to clean up the merlot spilled from your guests’ glasses? At Oswald & Pablo, we know that removing stains from sofa fabric can be tricky. Over the years, we’ve acquired a wealth of knowledge on how to get stains out of a sofa — whether that’s one of our bespoke Chesterfield sofas, a design made to order, or our signature collection sofas and chairs.  How can I get stains out of my sofa? Tackling... Read More

Velvet Chesterfield Sofa 27/04/2021

How To Clean Your Chesterfield Sofa

Here at Oswald & Pablo, we are masters at creating Chesterfield sofas and over the years we have come up with a few genius methods of cleaning your Chesterfield sofa. Since we’re nice guys here at Oswald & Pablo, we’re going to bestow our wisdom with you (so don’t say we don’t give you anything).  We offer a variety of Chesterfield sofas for you to add to your home, but for the purposes of cleaning we are going to focus on: Leather Chesterfield sofas Wool/fabric Chesterfield sofas   Velvet Chesterfield sofas ... Read More