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Myst Velvet

A soft grained short pile velvet with subtle shine giving an opulent finish. This velvet range features a large selection of deep colours that is perfect for luxury living. Complete with a practical stain guard finish. Please note that swatch colours vary greatly on screens. Swatches should only be used as a guide as the colour/tone can vary by fabric batch. Request free swatches.

Dark Purple Velvet

Myst Amethyst Velvet

Purple Velvet

Myst Boysenberry Velvet

Emerald Blue Velvet

Myst Emerald Velvet

Green Grass Velvet

Myst Grass Velvet

Dark Navy Blue Velvet

Myst Ink Velvet

Pale Purple Lavender Velvet

Myst Lavender Velvet

Beige Mushroom Velvet

Myst Mushroom Velvet

Teal Blue Peacock Velvet

Myst Peacock Velvet

Beige Cream Putty Velvet

Myst Putty Velvet

Red Velvet

Myst Red Velvet

Pale Blue Velvet

Myst Seaspray Velvet

Mid Slate Grey Velvet.

Myst Slate Velvet

Myst Black Velvet

Myst Black

Naples Velvet

A short woven velvet with a dense textured pile, giving it a distinct look and feel. This velvet is hardwearing and durable and like most velvet features a slight two tone effect once the pile is brushed. This range is perfect for high traffic and day to day use.

Aqua Velvet

Naples Aqua Velvet

Aubergine Purple Velvet

Naples Aubergine Velvet

Black Velvet

Naples Black Velvet

Dark Green Velvet

Naples Hunter Velvet

Mink Velvet

Naples Mink Velvet

Brown Velvet

Naples Mocha Velvet

Mulberry Red Velvet

Naples Mulberry Velvet

Cream Mushroom Velvet

Naples Mushroom Velvet

Navy Blue Velvet

Naples Navy Velvet

Mustard Gold Velvet

Naples Ochre Velvet

Pale Pink Velvet

Naples Powder Pink Velvet

Red Velvet

Naples Rosso Velvet

Geneva Velvet

A truly elegant and sophisticated unique velvet. It features a plush finish with a soft and short pile, making it both stylish and comfortable to touch. Available in several vibrant and deep hue colours, it feature a sleek subtle shine finish, sure to look good in both a traditional and modern surrounding. This velvet range is hardwearing with a slightly raised pile.

Canary Yellow Velvet

Geneva Canary Yellow Velvet

Mink Velvet

Geneva Mink Velvet

Light Grey Velvet

Geneva Platinum Velvet

Dark Purple Velvet

Geneva Grape Velvet

Navy Blue Velvet

Navy Blue Velvet

Pale Blue Duck Egg Velvet

Geneva Duck Egg Velvet

Black Velvet

Geneva Black Velvet

Mid Grey Velvet

Geneva Grey Velvet

Terrain Velvet

Discover our terrain velvet. 

Dark Grey Granite Textured Velvet

Terrain Granite Velvet

Grey Textured Velvet

Terrain Grey Velvet

Dark Teal Textured Velvet

Terrain Marine Velvet

Ocean Blue Textured Velvet

Terrain Ocean Blue Velvet 

Cream White Textured Velvet

Terrain Pearl Velvet

Silver Textured Velvet

Terrain Silver Velvet

Taupe Velvet

Terrain Taupe Velvet

Lux Velvet

This velvet must be felt to appreciate its wonderfully soft smooth texture and depth of colour.

Lux velvet is so soft, yet hard-wearing with a smooth matt finish—the Rub Test of over 100,000 means it exceeds UK requirements for both domestic and contract upholstery.

This velvet range consists of 19 colours, ensuring you have the best choice of colours to compliment your scheme.

Dark Purple Velvet

Lux Amethyst Velvet

Anthracite Grey Velvet

Lux Anthracite Velvet

Blue Velvet

Lux Azure Velvet

Blush Pink Velvet

Lux Blush Velvet

Burgundy Red Velvet

Lux Burgundy Velvet

Dark Green Velvet

Lux Deep Emerald Green Velvet

Duck Egg Blue Velvet

Lux Duck Egg Velvet

Ecru Cream Velvet

Lux Ecru Velvet

Green Velvet

Lux Juniper Velvet

Light Grey Velvet

Lux Mist Velvet

Navy Blue Velvet

Lux Navy Blue Velvet

Black Velvet

Lux Black Velvet

Green Velvet

Lux Olive Green Velvet

Orange Velvet

Lux Orange Velvet

Red Velvet

Lux Salsa Velvet

Yellow Velvet

Lux Sunshine Velvet

Teal Blue Velvet

Lux Teal Blue Velvet

Wine Red Velvet

Lux Wine Velvet

Herringbone Wool

Purple Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Aubergine Wool

Camo Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Camo Wool

Charcoal Grey Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Charcoal Wool

Cream Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Cream Wool

Dark Grey Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Dark Grey Wool

Emerald Green Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Emerald Green Wool

Iron Grey Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Iron Wool

Mustard Yellow Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Mustard Wool

Navy Blue Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Navy Wool

Red Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Red Wool 

Warm Grey Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Warm Grey Wool 

Teak Blue Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Teal Wool 

Wheat Cream Herringbone Wool

Herringbone Wheat Wool 


Dark Brown Herringbone Tweed Wool

Tweed Dark Brown 

Tan Brown Tweed

Tweed Tan 

Grey Tweed

Tweed Grey 

Plain Wool

Discover our Plain Wool 

Plain Dark Grey Wool

Plain Dark Grey Wool 

Plain Light Grey Wool

Plain Light Grey Wool 

Plain Navy Blue Wool

Plain Navy Blue Wool


Discover our boucle wool

Dark Grey Boucle Fabric

Boucle Dark Grey 

Light Grey Boucle Fabric

Boucle Light Grey 

Khaki Green Boucle Fabric

Boucle Khaki Green 

Denim Blue Boucle Fabric

Boucle Denim Blue 

Terracotta Orange Boucle Fabric

Boucle Terracotta 

Blush Pink Boucle

Boucle Blush 

Chiffon Cream Boucle Fabric

Boucle Chiffon 

Chocolate Brown Boucle Fabric

Boucle Chocolate 

Done Grey Boucle Fabric

Boucle Dove Grey 

Boucle Lead Fabric

Boucle Lead