Chesterfield Patchwork Sofas: What you Need to Know

The Chesterfield style is completely timeless. The classic detailing and versatile design mean the Chesterfield is just as popular now as it was upon its invention in the 1700s. 

Classic design paired with modern upholstery makes our patchwork Chesterfield range hard to resist. Choose from beautiful colourways that fit your decor, or go for a bold patchwork style that stands out in your space. Either way, our patchwork Chesterfield sofas and chairs are guaranteed to make an impression. 

Windsor Patchwork Chesterfield Sofa at Oswald & Pablo

Patchwork Chesterfield’s at Oswald & Pablo

In our collection at Oswald & Pablo, we’ve got a beautiful range of handmade patchwork Chesterfields, including sofas, armchairs and wing chairs that all make a stylish statement on a room.

The patchwork collection at Oswald & Pablo has options for any space. Our Chesterfield patchwork sofas come in a range of sizes, from a cosy 1.5 seater snuggle chair to a spacious 4-seater that is perfect for big families or those who appreciate space to stretch out! 

Our patchwork Chesterfield armchairs are the ultimate spot for curling up and relaxing. With the beautiful rolled armrests, you’ll feel cosy, like you’re getting a big hug from the chair. So, grab a book and a blanket and get comfy, before someone beats you to it. 

If you want to make a grand statement in your home, look no further than a patchwork Chesterfield wing back chair. This style oozes grandeur chic and makes a perfect statement piece. Exquisitely stylish and comfortable, our patchwork Chesterfield wing backs are certain to catch the eye of guests. 

Cotswold Patchwork Chesterfield Wing Chair at Oswald & Pablo

Are Chesterfield sofas still in style?

Not many things invented in the 1700s are still in style today, but the Chesterfield sofa has endured through the centuries and remains a stylish staple furniture piece today. 

The Chesterfield sofa’s timeless design makes it a popular choice. Its maintained its sense of elegance and grandeur, looking impressive in any setting. 

Thanks to the incredible choice of modern fabrics, Chesterfield sofas look at home among a huge selection of interior styles. From contemporary homes to vintage decor, Scandi-inspired interiors or anything in between, a Chesterfield sofa will always look incredible and provide superior comfort. 

You only need to check out our portfolio to see all the beautiful spaces our Chesterfield’s have settled into, including our stunning Chesterfield patchwork sofas. 

Worthing 2 seater Patchwork Chesterfield Sofa at Oswald & Pablo

Are Chesterfield sofas comfortable?

Chesterfield sofas are the epitome of grandeur and style, but this doesn’t mean they lack comfort. 

The initial Chesterfield design emerged in the 1700s when the Earl of Chesterfield first requested a comfortable seat for his guests to sit around the fireplace. Comfort has always been a key quality of Chesterfield style seating, and modern styles are no different. 

At Oswald & Pablo, we carefully handcraft each component of our Chesterfield sofas. That means we know how much goes into creating a comfortable, long-lasting sofa that you will treasure for years to come. Chesterfield sofas are designed with comfort in mind, from the springs in the base to comfy cushions and soft, quality fabrics that invite you to relax. 

Brighton Patchwork Chesterfield Armchair at Oswald & Pablo

How can you tell a fake Chesterfield sofa?

There is a common misconception that “Chesterfield sofas” are a product made by one particular company. In reality, Chesterfield is a design, but there are some distinguishing features to look out for to spot a quality Chesterfield sofa (like ours!). 

Chesterfield sofas are a timeless design with a distinctive look. 

  • Large, rolled armrests the same height as the back of the sofa. 
  • High-quality leather/fabric used to upholster.
  • Metal studded detailing on the front of the sofa. 
  • Wooden, bun-shaped feet. 

At Oswald & Pablo, we hope we give enough reasons to trust in the genuine quality of our Chesterfield sofas. For example, our excellent guarantees come as standard with every sofa. 

We offer a 10 year frame guarantee on all sofas. We source our frames locally from the North West of England. They are handcrafted using kiln-dried solid beech, which is glued, dowelled and screwed at stress points for extra security. 

All our Chesterfield sofas are made using the finest materials and trusted techniques that make our offering special. Therefore, as well as the frame guarantee, we also offer a 3 year manufacturing guarantee for extra peace of mind. 

If our patchwork Chesterfields have piqued your interest, why not check out our selection of Bespoke and Signature Chesterfield styles? 

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