Famous sofas and chairs: How many can you guess?

Are you up for a challenge? Want to show off your TV and film knowledge? Check out the illustrations we’ve created below and see how many of the famous chairs and sofas you can identify. From iconic sitcom sofas to fantastical chairs made from swords, the range is quite something – but how many do you know? (Answers at the end of the post – no cheating!)

Let’s get into it.

Famous sofas and chairs in TV and film

How did you do? Manage to get them all? Let’s dive into each of the iconic chairs and sofas a little further. 

1. The Friends Central Perk sofa

Okay, this one was easy. The Central Perk sofa is arguably the most iconic sofa in screen history and was featured on the American sitcom, Friends. The show ran from 1994 until 2004 across 10 seasons and 236 episodes. The Friends Central Park sofa saw Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Ross listen to Phoebe’s famous song “Smelly Cat”, it heard Janice cry “OH. MY. GOD!” and many other fan favourite moments. Looking for a couch similar to the Friends sofa? Check out the range of Chesterfield sofas at Oswald & Pablo for a design that is very similar.

2. The Simpsons Couch

The Simpsons is the most successful animation in television history, and their famous couch features at the end of their opening sequence. Starting as a cartoon short on the Tracy Ullman Show back in 1989, The Simpsons follows Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie through the ups and downs of life in Springfield. The Simpsons ‘couch gag’ is a running joke that changes every episode and features the family’s couch in some abnormal situation. Banksy, Rick and Morty, and Guillermo del Toro have all directed couch gags for the programme. Do you have a favourite couch gag?

3. Game of Thrones – Iron Throne

From the iconic HBO series, Game of Thrones, whoever sits on the Iron Throne rules the Seven Kingdoms. Crafted from broken blades and melted swords, the throne has become a figure for Game of Thrones fans across the world. The show ran for 8 seasons and had a total of 73 episodes running from 2011 until 2019.

Don’t worry, we are spoiler-free here at Oswald & Pablo, and we’re not going to tell you who ends up sitting on the throne, but we will leave you with this famous quote from the series:

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

Game Of Thrones

4. Graham Norton’s Big Red Chair

The Big Red Chair is featured on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show and is a pivotal (literally – it flips back) segment of the show. Audience members sit in the chair and tell the celebrities on the sofa a story about themselves. The stories often feature cringe-worthy secrets or will relate to the celebrities on the panel. Graham will flip the chair if he thinks the story is boring, or they will be allowed to “walk” and head backstage.

5. Forrest Gump’s Bench

“Life is like a box of chocolates.” is one of cinema’s most quoted lines, and it comes from the 1994 film Forrest Gump. The beloved film opens with Tom Hanks sitting on the iconic bench waiting for a bus with a box of chocolates. The location of the bench is in Chippewa Square, but the actual bench was a movie prop that now sits in the Savannah History Museum. Tom Hanks won an Oscar for his role, and iconic lines from the film continue to be relevant in popular culture today.

6. Mastermind Chair

If you’re sitting in this chair, your heart will definitely be racing. Contestants who sit in the Mastermind chair answer a series of challenging questions in a setting that is designed to be intimidating. The BBC quiz show features the iconic leather chair, and contestants have found themselves answering difficult questions since 1972. Contestants choose their own specialist subject, and the show has seen questions based on a wide range of subjects, including everything from History to Kim Kardashian.

7. The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon’s Couch

The Big Bang Theory fans will recall “Sheldon’s Spot”. A special space on his couch that he doesn’t like anyone sitting in. The sitcom which was created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady started in 2007 and is one of TV’s most popular shows. If you are like Sheldon and want to claim your own spot – check out the range of armchairs available at Oswald & Pablo today. 

8. Oprah’s couch (specifically Tom Cruise jumping)

In 2005, Tom Cruise appeared on talk show host, Oprah Winfrey’s famous couch for an interview that would become one of the most talked-about pieces of television ever. Cruise was appearing on the show to chat about his upcoming film ‘War of the Worlds’ but decided to go off-script and talk about his new girlfriend, Katie Holmes. This resulted in Cruise getting a little too excited and jumping up and down on the sofa in a bizarre act that has gone down in TV history.

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