Finding Your Perfect Chesterfield Colour

The Chesterfield Sofa is an interior icon. It can fit effortlessly into any decor and is available in a stunning variety of colours, each with its own personality and character. 

The Chesterfield Sofa was invented in the mid-1700s. Lord Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, wanted a grand piece of furniture for his guests. He specifically requested a low seat with a high back to ensure his high-class associates wouldn’t crease their suits. 

In the modern day, the Chesterfield Sofa remains a symbol of grandeur, as it has been since its first invention. However, it’s far more accessible than it once was and is now a common sight in many modern interiors. 

This classic silhouette is surprisingly versatile. Plus, with the huge selection of signature and bespoke Chesterfield Sofas available at Oswald & Pablo, there’s an amazing range of colours and finishes to choose from to suit your tastes and decor. 

Grey Chesterfield Sofa 

The perfect neutral shade, grey, is ideal for those who like their decor to be sweet and simple. Grey looks great with some additional pops of colour, but thanks to the wide range of depths of the grey shade, it’s easy to create a monochrome decor that still has dimension. 

The Conrad sofa is a perfect choice for a stunning grey Chesterfield Sofa. This best-selling, handmade style has all the traditional features you want from a Chesterfield Sofa in a gorgeous dark grey wool finish.

Green Chesterfield Chair 

Green interiors are amazing for creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere thanks to their natural, outdoorsy hues. Whether using light green shades or jewel tones, plenty of other colours blend seamlessly with green, including pink, orange, yellow or blue. 

The Hammersmith Snuggle Armchair is finished in a stunning emerald green that will catch the eye. This elegant design is incredibly comfortable and has a modern twist on the Chesterfield style while retaining all the original features you’d want from a Chesterfield Chair.

Black Chesterfield Sofa 

A colour that can feel intimidating, black can be stunning in interiors when used correctly. Its striking nature means that black creates a bold effect, but when paired with more neutral tones, it can be pared back and look incredibly chic.

With a deep charcoal colourway, the Edwardian Herringbone Wool sofa is an incredible choice for adding some drama to your decor. This ultra-chic black Chesterfield Sofa is perfect whether you’re going for a monochrome look or just adding some key black pieces. 

Blue Chesterfield Chair 

A colour you might feel is reserved for bathrooms; blue is incredibly stylish all around the home. Another hue that has a natural quality, blue, is praised by interior designers for its calming abilities, particularly in the living room area. 

Adding this striking blue Chesterfield Chair to your decor can add character to your space. The Ashley Snuggle Armchair will blend effortlessly with a blue decor or stand out amongst a more neutral interior. 

Pink Chesterfield Sofa 

A shade that often isn’t taken seriously in the world of interior design, pink is criminally overlooked. With the correct shade choice, pink can look chic and sophisticated in any room. Pink can even be used as a neutral, adding a little more interest than a standard beige. 

The Geneva pink Chesterfield Sofa is a best-seller at Oswald & Pablo, and for a good reason. Its dusty pink tone will see it fit with any decor theme, while its top-quality materials and handcrafted charm make it endlessly comfortable. The perfect combination. 

Brown Leather Chesterfield Sofa

The earthy tones of brown can help us feel safe, calm and grounded. This makes it an excellent choice for the living room decor as it’s where we spend so much of our time, and it’s a place where we want to relax and unwind. 

When it comes to sophistication, it doesn’t come much classier than the Montana Old English sofa. This brown leather Chesterfield Sofa is in a gorgeous deep chestnut shade with antique studded detailing to add dimension. Perfect when added to a monochrome brown interior or to fit in with another neutral theme. 

Yellow Chesterfield Sofa 

The undisputed colour of happiness, yellow, can make an excellent colour for your interior decor. Looking especially good in rooms with lots of natural light, yellow has an uplifting effect and can even make a space look bigger. 

The Hampton sofa is a stunning choice of yellow Chesterfield Sofa. Its retro styling and mustard colourway makes this a piece full of character. The deep seat is astoundingly comfortable, and the serpentine sprung back provides great support. 

White Chesterfield Sofa

A true classic, white is a shade you can’t go wrong with. It’s the perfect blank canvas, and it goes with everything. Pair this timeless hue with pastels, jewel tones, brights or more neutrals. It’s all going to look incredible. 

A white sofa is beautiful, and the Sussex Chesterfield is no different. The additional vintage tan leather detailing is a stunning contrast to the white main. This white Chesterfield Sofa features all the traditional details, including deep buttons, a deep seat and studded borders. 

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