How To Clean Your Chesterfield Sofa

Here at Oswald & Pablo, we are masters at creating Chesterfield sofas and over the years we have come up with a few genius methods of cleaning your Chesterfield sofa. Since we’re nice guys here at Oswald & Pablo, we’re going to bestow our wisdom with you (so don’t say we don’t give you anything). 

We offer a variety of Chesterfield sofas for you to add to your home, but for the purposes of cleaning we are going to focus on:

How to clean a leather Chesterfield sofa

Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Leather is a tricky material to work with, but if it is maintained and looked after in the right way, it can look better with age. We like to pride ourselves on creating leather Chesterfield sofas that are designed to last a lifetime here at Oswald & Pablo which is why we’re going to let you in on some of the finest secrets of how to clean your leather to make it last. 

You’ve probably heard bad things about leather, she often gets labelled as ‘high maintenance but we promise that she isn’t – you just need to know how to deal with the qualities of the fabrics in the right way. 

Tips and tricks for cleaning your leather Chesterfield sofa

Leather is a durable material but if it isn’t cleaned in the correct way it can start to look dirty. That’s the last thing that we want, so to start cleaning your leather Chesterfield let’s start with what materials and supplies you will need. 

  • Soft cloth 
  • Vacuum
  • Water

These are all materials that you should have in your home, so don’t worry about trying to source some obscure list at your local shop, you can start as soon as you finish reading. 

To start with, you should get rid of any loose particles that are sitting within the sofa. With time, dust and debris can build up in the crevices of the sofa and it is important to remove these for cleanliness and hygiene reasons. 

Some leather sofas use leather that absorbs water, to test this you should choose a small spot on your sofa and apply a damp cloth to the surface and assess whether or not the water is absorbed. If too much water is applied too quickly to some types of leather, it can leave watermarks. 

If it does leave a watermark then use a dry cloth instead. 

This will then inform you how damp your cloth needs to be. You can run your damp cloth over the surface area removing any marks or blemishes that might have occurred. 

Stay away from any sprays, wipes or purpose cleaners as these can damage the leather. 

Once a month you should use a specialist leather cleaning kit all over your sofa. 

To keep the leather of your Chesterfield sofa in pristine condition, you should once a month condition the leather of your sofa. If your leather Chesterfield is placed in direct sunlight, the surface can fade, crack and stiffen. To combat this, move your sofa to a more suitable spot. 

Places to avoid placing your leather Chesterfield sofa:

  • In direct sunlight
  • Next to a fireplace 
  • Next to a radiator
  • Next to an airconditioning unit

Some leather Chesterfield sofas will need to be buffed to ensure that their natural shine radiates. Gentle buffing with a microfibre cloth can diminish scratches and scuffs and make your sofa look the best it can. 

What to do when you spill something on a leather sofa 

If you spill a drink on your leather Chesterfield sofa it is important to blot the spillage with a cloth as opposed to rubbing. If you rub a spillage it can make the damaged area larger. It is also important to attend to spillages quickly as if the liquid is left on the surface it can soak into the surface area causing further damage. 

 How to clean a wool / fabric Chesterfield sofa

Wool Chesterfield Sofa

Fabric or Wool Chesterfield sofas are durable furniture pieces but they can start to look dull or tired over time with excessive use. If you want to give your sofa a spring clean and make it look brand new, we have a range of tips and tricks for you to try here at Oswald & Pablo. 

To start your cleaning process, you should grab your hoover and vacuum the sofa. This will ensure that when you start a deeper clean that you don’t rub and move dirt around the sofa. 

Next, you should fill up a bucket and add 2 cups of distilled water with a tablespoon of washing up liquid and one tablespoon of vinegar. Stir this mixture until the liquids are merged together. 

After this, take a microfibre cloth and dampen it into the mixture. You can then dab and blot areas of the sofa that look darker or dirty. It is important not to scrub the furniture piece as friction and wear can damage the fibres. 

Empty the bucket and refill it with distilled water. Make sure that it is free of vinegar and washing up liquid. Dampen the microfibre cloth and blot the area to make sure that any soap remaining is removed. 

Using a dry microfibre cloth, blot the area once more. You can then take a fan to try the area or wait until it dries on its own. 

How to clean a velvet Chesterfield sofa

Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Maintaining your velvet Chesterfield sofa is easy enough to do and will ensure that your favourite furniture piece stays looking fresh and in the best condition for years to come. To stop dirt from accumulating on the sofa, you should aim to vacuum the entire piece once a month. 

Using a hose attachment, vacuum the entire surface area including any grooves and delves that are in the furniture piece. Remove the cushions and make sure that you get in the hard to reach places. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes and will ensure that your furniture piece looks fresh. 

Another way to clean your velvet sofa is to use a soft-bristled brush. Remove any pillows from the sofa and gently brush along in long strokes. This will gather any debris and dirt that will be hiding. 

If you notice a blemish, mark or stain on your velvet sofa it is best to deal with it immediately. Take a wet cloth and blot the affected area repeatedly. Avoid rubbing the cloth as this may work the spillage deeper into the fabric. If you prefer, you can use paper towels but you might need to use a large amount as they aren’t highly absorbent. 

Top Tip: Keep your velvet Chesterfield sofa away from direct sunlight! Over time, velvet can fade when exposed to direct UV light, so make sure that you place your sofa in a position in your home where it is protected. 

If you would like to explore the entire range of velvet Chesterfield sofas available here at Oswald & Pablo, we have a wide selection of choices that you can add to your home straight away. 

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